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Kinley's "Boond Boond Mein Sacchai" ad more suitable for a liquor brand than mineral water: Experts

24, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Although, Kinley’s recently launched ad campaign, ‘Boond Boond Mein Sacchai‘ is being appreciated by viewers, many believe the advertisement would have been more appropriate for a liquor brand that a mineral water brand.

The 47 second long commercial shows a girl sitting in Lonavala, drinking Kinley mineral water at night and calling her father to tell the truth that she had lied to him and currently she is in Lonavala with her friends, all because she felt the need to do so after drinking Kinley.

Strange behavior

First thing which experts are complaining about is the situation and the choice of bottle in hand.

“When you are young and with your friends at some hill station, a bottle of water is the last thing you expect in someone’s hand, that too at night,” explains a top marketing executive Vikas Dutta, “If you watch the commercial, you will say to yourself, if I would have been at that location, I would have not wasted such a lovely night filling my stomach with water.”

Further criticizing the ad, Vikas says the ad goes against the general belief that people say truth after drinking alcohol.

“Who says truth after drinking water? As a matter of fact, the more you mix water to your alcohol peg, the more dilute it will be and consequently you will end up hiding your feelings. So, water has kind of negative effect when it comes to giving you courage to say the truth,” Vikas told Faking News adding that a liquor bottle in hand of the girl would have been a more logical option.

However, creators of the commercial argue that no matter how drunk a person is, he/she will never call his/her father after getting drunk, hence the story is not fit for a liquor brand.

But, critics say, Kinley ad creators are undermining the power of a drunk person.

“Many daredevils are out there who do such crazy things,” rued Prateek, an advertising professional who claimed he himself had once called his father after getting drunk, as one of his friends had dared him to take up this challenge in ‘Truth & Dare’ game.

“A drunk son or daughter telling some truth to his/her father, all because of liquor would have been a path breaking ad campaign. The same commercial with liquor bottle instead of mineral water would have changed the definition of father and young children relationship in Indian middle class, which as of now is not that friendly,” reasoned Prateek.