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As they know techies quite well Suttawalah outside office gate will be involved in 360-degree appraisal process

26, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: One IT company in Bengaluru is planning to include Suttawalahs standing outside it’s office gate to be part of its 360 degree appraisal process this year. Just to inform our esteemed readers who are not aware of, this is an appraisal process where an employee’s work for a year is reviewed by other employees including co-workers and subordinates, instead of just the direct supervisor.


While talking to us on including Cigarette vendor in appraisal process, Mr. Manish Bharve head of HR said, “On an average most of our techies spend at least an hour every day with him. So why we should not include them as they are vital part of the techie ecosystem”.

“Some of the sample questions that would be sent to him will be like, how many times techie scold his manager or team members per sutta session. How happy/unhappy techie is with the work assigned to him, how many times techies pays for his own cigarette. We ask some question to know how responsible techie is, does he or she return the lighter or match box he takes from you. Does he or she carry exact amount which proves this person is good in planning”, said Manish.

On our question to Manish how much weightage would be given to Suttawalah’s feedback, will it impact the hike the techies will get? Manish said, “First of all, this year there is no plan to give any hike due to challenging market condition. As HR team we were told by top management to bring some ‘innovation’ to the appraisal process. We are trying this one, let us see how it goes”.

We saw one techie asking his regular Suttawalah to give him good rating. Suttawalah told him, “Yeh mera mobile, Bhaiyaji, aapko jo marji hai, bhar do, mere paas yeh sab faltu kaam keliye time nahin hai”.