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Lays to officially sell packaged air claiming that it is less polluted than air in Delhi

17, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Popular snack brand Lays has gone beyond giving people crunchy chips and salted air and is planning to officially sell packaged air to residents claiming that it is more pure than air in Delhi and thus ease environmental concerns.

100% pure air filled packs of Lays
100% pure air filled packs of Lays

Apparently, the company was inspired by a news report that stated that the rising pollution level in China has forced them to buy bottled air from a startup in Canada.

Speaking to Faking News the brand manager for Lays said, “Till now we used to sell air along with chips, but now we feel that with increasing pollution in Delhi, it would be a good business opportunity to sell packets filled only with air. Soon you will see packets of ‘Lays Purified Air’ on the shelves of you local grocery store.”

Many stores in Delhi have already started stocking these packets and as per few store owners they are selling like ‘hot cakes’. “We had stocked 500 packets of Lays Air and now we are down to just 50. People are not only buying them for their own use but many are using them as gifts for Christmas and New Year,” said Pummy Khurana, a grocery store owner in Paschim Vihar.

Apparently, Baba Ramdev has also jumped on the ‘clean air’ bandwagon and is planning to launch his own Patanjali Vayu Packs in market soon. “Isme koi business karne wali baat nahi hai. Delhi ke logon ko pradushan ke asuvidha ho rahi hai isliye hum shudh hawa logon tak  pahuchane ka prayas karenge,” he said while glancing at ‘Patanjali’s Projected Revenues for 2016’ xls.

The introduction of Lays packaged air will now mean that Delhi Govt.  will have to reconsider its decision on odd and even number plate rule and banning of diesel cars.

Arvind Kejriwal however came down heavily on the idea of packaged air and said, “Govt. is favoring private companies yet again. They are taking away your right to freedom of breathing clean air. Are we seeing emergency like situation yet again.”