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Lazy corrupt man still to remove his black money from Swiss bank

23, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Amidst government efforts to probe black money stashed abroad, Dhanpat Agrawal, a corrupt and lazy businessman from the city is yet to remove his money from one of the Swiss banks.

While many of his friends successfully transferred their money to other tax havens, Dhanpat, because of his sheer laziness and procrastination habit landed himself into this grave situation.

Black Money
It’s not like money in Swiss banks can’t go to other banks.

“The way in last couple of years UPA govt, NDA govt, Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev, Bablu, Bittu and many others have been demanding to bring back black money, with special focus on Swiss banks, we thought it would be sensible decision to move our assets to somewhere else,” said a friend of Dhanpat, who recently moved a thousand of core from a Swiss bank to a bank in British Virgin Islands, “But Dhanpat failed to capitalize on the opportunity.”

“Our government has been telling everybody in the country for so long that they are going to seize our money, then what’s the point of putting myself and my money in danger,” he continued, “Unlike Dhanpat, I like to play safe and stay alert.”

However, Dhanpat himself is trying his best to transfer his money to some safe location. “I am attempting to do this for last 6 months. But, because of my other commitments like throwing parties, going for movies and numerous holiday tours, I failed every single time,” said a visibly upset Dhanpat.

Even family members of Dhanpat are frustrated with his laziness. “Despite so much buzz around the issue, he failed to take any safety measures,” rued his wife Damyanti Agrawal.

She also recalled an earlier incident when Dhanpat, because of his laziness almost landed himself into jail.

“One of our family friends, who works in Income Tax office warned us in advance about an IT raid planned on our house after a couple of days. But my husband didn’t even bother to remove some critical documents from our house,” revealed Mrs. Agrawal.

“Finally, during the raid we paid hefty bribe to IT officers to forget about the documents that they recovered, and all this because of my husband’s careless nature,” she concluded.