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Lenders take possession of Siddharth Mallya only to return him later

12, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. Close on the heels of the forceful possession of Kingfisher Airlines’ corporate office in Mumbai by its lenders, in another setback for Kingfisher Airlines chairman Vijay Mallya, lenders have gone ahead and taken over custody of his son Siddharth Mallya. He was lifted directly from his play school in broad daylight.

Though no official statement has been issued, but it is widely suspected that this move is also a part of the lenders’ moves to recover Rs 6,072 crore along with interest.

Junior Mallya
One of the reasons lenders returned Siddharth Mallya after confiscating him

“Yes we have taken over his possession and have asked Mallya Sr to pay the money he owes to us in his return. We also have plans to auction him incase Mallya Sr fails to do that. But to our absolute shock Vijay Mallya is rather delighted on hearing the news and has refused to pay any amount that we owed to him,” said a bank official who is among the lenders to Kingfisher Airlines.

Faking News can confirm that Senior Mallya is ecstatic with the news. He went ahead and tweeted “They can take Suarabh Tiwary and Mohammad Kaif also if that helps.”

Faking News failed to get in touch with Vijay Mallya as he was reportedly busy driving and maneuvering his aircrafts on busy Mumbai roads to save them from the eyes of lenders.

“It’s been only seconds since we abducted him and he has been throwing tantrums as if he has kidnapped us,” one of the lenders complained about junior Mallya, “We served him chilled Kingfisher beer, but he refused, insisting on some Scottish brand.”

“Now his antics are becoming so unbearable for us to handle that we may even forego all the money that Vijay owes to us,” said one of the frustrated lenders, reminding us of frustrated customers put on hold by customer care executives.

“And when we finally got to know that his new girlfriend is some Sophie Chaduhry we were convinced that Mallyas are actually broke and can’t pay up,” added the lender

However Mallya Sr could be in for some more trouble as the irritated lenders have decided to return Siddharth in original condition. The lenders apparently failed to attract any bidder for him.

“We tried to contact Congress party thinking they might be interested in a new youth leader, but they got offended,” a lender revealed, “BJP was more interested in Deepika, and our last hope BCCI chief N Srinivasan also refused as he thought that junior Mallya’s enthusiasm was not up to mark.”