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LinkedIn starts asking users to install 359 urgent updates after Microsoft acquisition

14, Jun 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Several LinkedIn users throughout the country are reporting a strange new update on the LinkedIn website since yesterday. Ever since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars in pure cash, LinkedIn has started asking users to install urgent updates every time they logged in.

Install an update to see LinkedIn clearly

The website has slowed down considerably as a result and some people have reported seeing mandatory request for urgent updates. It is being rumored that some people have even faced blue screen problem on LinkedIn which is a characteristic MS Windows feature when the OS just gives up on the user.

Amreesh Installkar, a senior executive software engineer with a financial services company who is an avid LinkedIn user talked to Faking News. He said, “When I heard about LinkedIn’s acquisition, I remembered that I haven’t checked job status of all my batch mates for a full 24 hrs and I immediately logged in. However, instead of showing me my home page, the website asked me to install 359 urgent updates. I was surprised why is the website asking me to do this and then it started scanning my system on its own. I couldn’t check whether that asshole classmate of mine, Prakash, has move on to a better job than me.”

Paresh Goteya, another linked in user was also stressed about these changes. He said, “I have been using LinkedIn largely for giving recommendations to the girls that studied with me in primary school. Sometimes I also hit the “like” button on photos of that they upload. But I swear, I never commented “nice DP” on any of photos. It is not Facebook you know, it is LinkedIn and we are all professionals here. My routine is disrupted now since this strange windows phenomenon has taken over. I have been accepting updates for the past 2 hrs and there are still more left.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has assured all the users that any bugs may be temporary. “If the problem persists, restart your computer”, said a Microsoft executive confidently.