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Male passengers protest against Indigo airlines for not allowing ‘woman in short dress’ to travel

30, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: In an unusual display of solidarity a group of male passengers aboard an Indigo flight returned their flight tickets and protested inside the aircraft by wearing black bands across their mouth, as a mark of protest for not allowing ‘woman in short dress to travel’.

Indigo airlines skirting with problems
Indigo airlines skirting with problems

A male passenger who was part of the protest spoke to Faking News and said, “I was witness to what happened on the flight. This is not the way to treat a woman with short dress. At least they should have thought about all the male passengers before deplaning her.”

“We stand for the freedom of women to wear what they want especially short dress. I mean what is going on in this country. This is dictatorship at its worst. We should respect the dignity of women and let them choose what they want to or don’t want to wear,” Abhishek Sanghvi, an IT professional added.

“Saw her at the lounge and since then have been holding my belly in and now they deplane her for some flimsy reason. This is not just an attack on freedom of women, it is an attack on feelings of men too,” said another protester who didn’t wish to be named as he tried hard to catch his breath.

The airlines in its defence has said that it was just going by the rule book which states that staff and their kin have to follow dress code. However, this argument too didn’t go down well the protesters. “Why different rules for staff and their kin? Ye parivarvad hai,” said a politically well connected protester.

Women passengers however differed and supported the airline. “These men are good for nothing. I have been observing from the time that ‘woman in short dress’ entered the aircraft, these men have gone nuts. At least 10 men offered to help her keep her luggage in the overhead cabin and when I asked my co-passenger for help, he started lecturing me on women’s empowerment,” said Ms. Ghosh, a journalist who was livid for being ignored.

Similar stories were heard from other women too. “I tried chatting up with a guy sitting next to me but he wouldn’t reply and seemed to be furiously googling something on his smartphone. Aur jab uss ladki ne entry maari, ye aadmi google kam ogle jyada kar raha tha,” said another woman.

Meanwhile, the airline has said that it is a customer centric airline and will do everything to make customers happy. “As far as this incident goes our senior management is looking into it. In fact, just to show that we have nothing against short dresses, our Customer Head Mr. Khurana is planning to wear a short skirt that will end above his knees, to rest all apprehensions that our customers may have,” said a spokesperson for the airline.