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Man applying for position of sales executive shocked after not being asked to sell a pen in the interview

26, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Kolkata. A 24 years old man applying for position of sales executive in an MNC was shocked after he was not asked to sell pen or pencil even once during the entire selection process.

Bechmaar Ojha, who is academically an engineer and has done MBA in finance and operations, had taken the natural progression to go for a sales job during campus recruitment in his MBA institute last year.

Bechmaar was reading this book before the interview.

Being a true blue sales professional, he left his first job within 9 months and applied for a sales vacancy in an MNC.

Reportedly there were 4 rounds of interviews, spanning over 2 weeks, for the position which was going to pay only 3 lakh pa.

“They didn’t ask me to sell pen in even one of those 4 interviews. Neither did they ask me any other technical or work related question,” Bechmaar Ojha recalled the interview.

“The interview was so relaxed that for a moment it seemed as if I had applied for some HR related position,” he went on to reveal.

Bechmaar, who had rigorously practiced selling a pen as a part of his preparation, at one point became so frustrated that he deliberately took out pen from his pocket and started waving it as if trying to divert interviewer’s attention towards it.

“I was giving them benefit of doubt and thought they might have forgotten to ask what is considered a sacred question in any sales interview,” he explained.

The man is now having doubts if he should accept the job as he fears the financial condition of the company may not be that good.

“Well if the management couldn’t even afford a pencil for a sales interview, I doubt if they will be able to pay salaries and incentives on time,” Bechmaar argued.

Faking News also tried to get in touch with the HR and the sales head, who confirmed the news.

“We stopped asking people to sell pen in interview after a rather bad experience, where a candidate who was able to convince us into buying 10 pens, couldn’t even achieve 25% of his targets month after month,” the sales head told Faking News.