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Man buys Rs 10k underwear, wears it over pants to show off

15, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. After failing to understand the exact benefit of Rs 10k underwear that he bought, a Delhiite, Krish Raj Kohli aka KRK, wore his precious underwear over his pants to show it off.

KRK in his new underwear.
KRK in his new underwear.

KRK, a middle income group man (he objected to the term ‘middle class’) purchased this exorbitantly high priced undergarment just to get a feeling of how it exactly feels to be inside a Rs 10K underwear.

“I saw its ad, which said ‘Dare to think beyond Rupa‘ and it inspired me a lot. So after thinking a lot, I finally purchased it on EMI, because you know, Zindagi na milegi dobara,” KRK explained the reason behind his investment.

Before deciding to expose his underwear, he tried almost everything to make himself feel happy with the product. Reportedly, he even applied for a week long leave from office, just to understand the benefit of the underwear, but unfortunately he found nothing special.

“In fact, he got rashes; one of the reasons he’s wearing it on his pants now,” his wife told Faking News.

KRK’s family members say that in order to feel happy, everyday he used to remind himself that he was wearing costly underwear. KRK even stuck a note on the mirror and refrigerator, reminding him of the undergarment’s price.

One of the notes reads, “Muskuraiye janaab, kyonki aap das hazaar ke chaddi mein hain.”

But all tricks misfired and made him even more uncomfortable. Although, the fabric was fine, but the price that KRK paid always made him feel uneasy.

“It’s not for aam aadmis like me. My blanket, which cost me Rs 2000, covers my whole body and gives much more pleasure,” claimed KRK.

KRK took the bold step to wear it like Superman, as that was the only way he could get maximum emotional satisfaction from buying such an expensive undergarment. He makes sure that the price-tag hangs and is visible.

“It looks awkward, but at least people are noticing it and asking what’s so special about it, which of course is its price,” said a candid KRK.

Sources close to KRK revealed that post his marriage, KRK may start a business where he will be lending the underwear on daily rent.

“He will call it iChaddi, which could help in making people believe in its worth,” disclosed a close friend of KRK.