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Man demands tax exemption on earnings made via Dhan Varsha Yantra

24, Jul 2014 By naturalstupidity

New Delhi. Sudarshan Jha, an unemployed engineering graduate, has filed a petition in the Supreme Court claiming exemption from paying taxes over money he made due to a yantra he bought after watching a television ad.

In desperation to make some money to feed his family, Sudharshan had come across “Shri Dhan Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra” that promised to make him rich. And it actually worked.

Dhan Varsha Yantra
An offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Thanks to the yantra, mere achchhe din aa gaye,” Sudarshan told Faking News.

In the petition, he has pointed out that since India was a secular country, Government of India was not the owner of God Kuber or Goddess Laxmi and neither of them were registered as any business concerns in India. In fact, they were not even attached to any financial institution, though names or logos of some banks may suggest otherwise.

“How can this money be taxed by the government of India?” he claimed. When a CA argued that it was still taxable because he, as an Indian citizen, got it in India, Sudarshan claimed that it was not any “salary” that Laxmi-Kuber had paid him.

“The money I have made, thanks to this yantra, is like god’s gift,” he claimed, “Money gifted by parents to their children are not taxed in India, because parents are like god. So how can gifts from god be taxed?”

“If gifts from god are to be taxed, tomorrow government will impose a tax on having children, because children are considered god’s gift!” Sudarshan argued why his case was very vital for the whole society.

Upon being asked about his annual income figure from the yantra, Mr. Jha refused to divulge any information saying the matter was sub-judice.

It will be interesting to see what verdict the apex court comes up with, as many income tax defaulters and people supposed be having accounts in Swiss banks are believed to be following the developments closely.

A verdict in favor of Mr. Jha will be a good tool to justify their income as result of some divine blessings.

“If Sudharshan loses the case, we will ask someone from the minority community to file a similar case. The courts could be forced to be sensitive to religious beliefs in that case,” a man checking his Swiss account balance told Faking News.

Meanwhile, sources reveal that to pull out of losses, Rail Ministry has ordered all its division to install these yantras in their offices. If these yantras bail railway out of decades of losses, they will further add Hanuman Chalisa yantra, also available for sale on TV these days, to ward off any future accidents and collision.