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Man gets 2.5% hike in salary and 429% character hike in job title after appraisal

07, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. 30 years old Rohan Chadha has become the first person in Indian corporate circle to get a staggering annual hike of 429%, albeit only in job designation characters and not in salary figures.

Chadha who was highly under paid characterized at his earlier designation of a mere Sales Manager, has now been given the job title of Senior Executive Vice Assistant Deputy Manager after rigorous rounds of negotiations with the HR and senior management of his company BloodSuck Solutions.

Rohan was given this character hike in lieu of an increased salary hike after he made his dissatisfaction apparent with just 2.5% salary increment after the annual appraisal.

Not in a mood to part with Rohan, his manager got in touch with the departmental head and the HR, where they brainstormed a lot before taking this decision.

Correlation  graph between Job titles and Reality, as per experts.
Correlation graph between Job titles and Reality, as per experts.

Although Rohan’s role would more or less remain same, HR of his company thought the inflated designation would appease him and they would be able to retain him.

Currently Rohan is the process of getting his new visiting cards made to the size of wedding cards, because the normal sized cards were found too short to fit his designation.

A 3 day training program has also been organized for him that will help him mug up his designation.

HR department of the company confirmed the development and claimed they were happy giving such hikes as long as they don’t have to hike anyone’s salary.

“This is nothing. Few days back we made one worker from the housekeeping staff of our company, Deputy Vice CEO (Cleanliness Executive Officer) after he was not happy with the pay hike. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. One he left home happy, and second, lower designated employees were motivated seeing somebody like a CEO sweeping floors of the office,” the HR head revealed.

However, some experts feel that this trick may not work anymore.

“Job titles hardly matter in today’s time. We see even VP’s of the companies making field sales calls,” one such expert told Faking News.

Although Rohan was happy initially, latest reports suggest that he’s having doubts after he found himself running out of character limit while updating his designation on LinkedIn.

“What’s the point of such a designation if I can’t even show it off to my linkedin contacts,” he screamed while phoning his manager.