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Man gets a job offer after someone leaked his LinkedIn details on social media

01, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar
According to a survey by California University, Third World War will be fought on twitter and memes will be used as weapon of mass destruction. Tweets by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s statements reinforce the above claim.
Twitter has recently witnessed various fights that are not limited to just the social media platform but have become real life fights as well. One such incident happened when a Modi supporter and an Arvind Kejriwal supporter got into a fight, revealing each other’s identity. Mr. Abhinav, who runs a parody account of CM Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Santosh who runs a parody account of PM Narendra Modi were debating on current economic condition of India. Nobody realized and debate turned into a fight and both the users started abusing each other. Santosh got personal and revealed personal identity of Abhinav including his LinkedIn profile.
Abhinav is an IITian and is currently in a job search. His job search came to Happy Ending when Santosh tweeted his LinkedIn profile link and one of the employers on social media noticed it. Abhinav later thanked Santosh and his whole group who shared it to teach Abhinav a lesson but it reached an employer instead and got him a job.
While most of the social media users use social media as source of news, a few use it as war arena. Twitter is a place where one can see all kind of people, people of various religious ideologies, political ideologies, heartbroken people, and even people who have found their love here. When people of different ideologies meet, argument and altercation are bound to happen.