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Man goes to appraisal meeting with iron-rod and gel, gets rockstar-rating, hefty-hike, double-promo

01, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Bangalore. A man by name B. Soumik who works for an MNC software company shocked his colleagues when he received the much coveted “rockstar” rating, a double promotion and a steep pay-hike, despite only working the usual and normal 15 hours a day.

Soumik who works for Blue Oranges Software Solutions (BOSS), apparently went to his 1st appraisal meeting with a few printouts of documents he had prepared around his achievements in the past whole year. But he returned very frustrated from that meeting.

Many people across India may follow this route now.
Many people across India may follow this route now.

In the “continued” appraisal meeting scheduled next day with his boss he just carried an iron rod and a small bottle of gel with him. When he came back to his cubicle after the meeting he declared that he has received the highest possible “rockstar” rating, a double-digit hike and a double promotion. He also told that he may even be nominated for employee of the year award.

Though it is not yet clear what exactly transpired in the meeting, Soumik’s colleague Burnit voiced strong concerns against the accolades Soumik has received, “We all work the usual 15 hours on weekdays, and 7 hours on weekends for the whole year. That usually gets you “Did OK” rating at end of the year. Those who work for like 20 hours for all 7 days get “Did Better” rating. Those who either work 24 x 7 or those who “help” the boss in his house chores are the only ones who get “Rockstar” rating. How can Soumik get it, he does nothing like that? This is just blasphemy, this is madness,” Burnit said in a burnt voice.

While Soumik has declined to comment on how he managed to grab so many accolades, calling it a secret negotiation strategy, his boss was also not available for comments as he has taken an urgent two weeks leave owing to a sudden medical emergency. Consequently all pending appraisal meetings for other employees have been moved on to a later date.