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A man hires ‘The Flash’ to book Redmi 4 on Amazon flash sale; finds the stock sold out

05, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

Flash sale is a concept that is known to many. E-commerce websites use promotions like flash sales to boost the sales of a particular product. Similar was the flash sale of the Redmi 4 conducted by Amazon. The flash sale was scheduled to start at the midnight of 31st May and it wasn’t a surprise that the stock got sold out in seconds. What was shocking is that Rajneesh Tiwari, a resident of Delhi, was unable to book one Redmi 4 for himself, in spite of hiring ‘The Flash’ to book it for him. Yes you read it right – The DC superhero Flash.

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Our team interviewed Rajneesh and here is what a disappointed Rajneesh had to say “This was not the first time I was trying to book a phone through a flash sale. I had tried 3 times earlier for Redmi 1, 2 and 3, but in vain. I remember when I was trying to purchase Redmi 2 and I had reached till the payment stage. I had entered all my payment details swiftly using chrome auto-fill and was about to press on ‘Confirm Order’, when I sneezed. And boom! The stock was sold out. A 2-second sneeze cost me a Redmi 2. Actually, it didn’t cost me a Redmi 2 since I couldn’t purchase it, but that’s not the point”. We asked him how he came up with the idea of hiring The Flash, to which he replied “I knew that this could not be done by me. I needed someone fast enough. This is when my dad, being a DC fan suggested that I hire The Flash for the job. My mom, being a Marvel fan, was obviously against the idea that DC superheroes could be useful for anything” said Rajneesh. “Once again, like all movie fans, I was witnessing a DC vs Marvel war” he stated. “I eventually decided to give The Flash one chance. I contacted him and luckily, he was in Delhi at the moment, taking our Prime Minister to and fro between countries. After I promised that I would watch all 3 seasons of The Flash, he agreed to help me”.

So then you must be wondering what went wrong. We were too! He explained the whole scenario to us: “We were in front of our computer screen since 11.55 p.m. We did demo practices for his thumb. I was optimistic I would get it done this time. But luck was not on my side. Just when The Flash was about to click on ‘Confirm Order’, he saw a bookmark on my browser that read ‘Movies for Marvel Lovers’. And this was when he disappeared in a flash, leaving the ‘Confirm Order’ button unclicked”.

We encouraged Rajneesh not to lose hope and try again for Redmi 5. And Mr. Flash, if you’re reading this, “Aao Kabhi Flash Sale Pe”