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Man inspired by motivational speakers becomes a motivational speaker

16, Feb 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Inspired no end after listening to motivational speakers and reading self help books, city resident Gyan Sharma himself became a motivational speaker.

23-year-od Gyan got into the habit of listening to motivational speakers, as part of his IAS exam preparation.

Motivational speakers don't say different things. They say same things differently.
Motivational speakers don’t say different things. They say same things differently.

“In order to motivate myself and to gain enough mental momentum, I immersed myself completely into inspirational books and similar YouTube videos for 6 months,” Gyan revealed the genesis to Faking News.

Gyan literally memorized all motivational quotes and speeches he came across. And after 6 months, he realized that he knew everything what a speaker in any motivational video would say. Now, he was one of them.

“I could predict that they are going to say or what will the next paragraph read in a self-help book. It was almost as predictable to me as South African batting collapse,” the cricket-fan-turned-IAS-aspirant-turned-motivational-guru said.

To test his capability as a motivational speaker, Gyan started off in his own friend circle.

“I had a jeans trouser, which I hadn’t washed for over a month, just out of laziness. So, to get it washed I motivated my roommate so much that besides washing his own clothes, he washed mine too. This experiment opened my eyes,” disclosed Gyan.

“I could enjoy such benefits without being an IAS officer!” he explained.

Soon after, Gyan dropped the idea of becoming IAS officer as it required around 2-3 years of rigorous preparation. Instead, he decided to become motivational speaker.

“I had anyway read more self-help books than IAS preparation books, so it was fair,” he claimed.

Gyan compiled quotes and speeches from various books and videos that he went though and got it published as a book. And as expected, the book kick started his career as motivational guru.

“You Have Won” is the name of the book, sources tell Faking News.

As per Gyan’s friends, he is too motivated to be something else than a motivational guru now.

“When you become sea of knowledge, better to share it with the world rather than using it for your own personal goals,” Aditya, a close friend of Gyan and his first disciple, justified the decision.

“Whenever I meet him, he talks as if he is standing on a stage and giving speech, although he keeps saying the same things always, like Rahul Gandhi, but still it feels so great,” Aditya added further.