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Man loses job after he tries to impress client by chewing Rajnigandha Paan Masala

18, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A 29-year-old man was today sacked from his job after he was caught red tongued handed by his boss chewing Paan Masala in the middle of an important client meet.

The man took this extreme step after his presentation failed to elicit any positive response from the client.

The man was posed several questions by the client during the presentation. After he couldn’t answer any of those questions convincingly, he, as a last resort, took out the Rajnigandha sachet he had purchased just before the meeting, proudly emptied it in his mouth, and started chewing it with a confidence that was lacking during the presentation.

Paan Masala
Chewing paan masala can be injurious to health as well as wealth (read job) too.

“While the rest of us were shocked to the core, he went ahead and offered the Paan Masala to the CEO of the client company,” recalled a colleague (now former colleague) of the man.

The man, whose identity is being kept secret by Faking News so that he gets another job, was immediately asked to leave the conference room by his boss, and was sacked a couple of hours later.

“I had earlier warned him when he had used cheesy pick up lines to impress girls in office while chewing the same paan masala, but he crossed the limits this time,” the boss revealed.

When Faking News got in touch with the man, he was still reeling under the shock of losing his job.

“I saw various people clinching important business deals and impressing girls by just a pinch of Rajnigandha in television ads. I thought they were real events as they were not part of any Bharat Nirman ads,” the man rued.

Meanwhile Rajnigandha has totally washed its hands off this incident and as a precautionary measure and are now contemplating to include a statutory warning in their ads which goes: “The stunts in these ads are performed by professionals. Imitation of any form can be hazardous”.