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Man planning to travel to places shown in Airtel ad to get a 4G Signal

03, Apr 2016 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: Inspired by the latest Airtel 4G Ads, a Delhi based software professional has decided to travel to all those far flung places in an attempt to catch 4G signal. Akshay Kumar, living in West Delhi is a long term Airtel customer but has struggled with their 4G connection since its launch.

Airtel 4G- Dhoondte Reh jaoge
Airtel 4G- Dhoondte Reh jaoge

“I was using Airtel 3G connection earlier but the connection was a bit like Rohit Sharma’s form. Incredibly good on some days, disappeared on other days. Then I saw the Airtel girl asking everyone to move to 4G, I was tempted and took the bait. However, since then my connection has become like Shahid Afridi’s batting, a big hit once a month and totally pathetic the rest of the time”, Akshay said.

“My connection only ever works in my home’s bathroom if I point it towards the exhaust fan at an angle between 45.5 degrees and 46.75 degrees. Sometimes it also works when I hold it near our kitchen stove at an angle between 31.1 and 32.2 degrees. So when I saw the latest 4G Ads showing full network connectivity in remote places, I decided to go there and enjoy the benefits of 4G Network”, Akshay went on to add.

When pressed for details, Akshay said, “I have taken a 2 months vacation to visit all those places shown in the Ad. I will be traveling around the country searching for the elusive 4G signal. I will be starting at Shimla and then move South. If I don’t get the signal even at those places then I am going to be following that 4G girl around as apparently, wherever she goes, signal follows.”

When asked whether he has thought about changing his network provider to get 4G signal at his home, Akshay smiled and said, “What is the point. They are all the same. With a different provider, I will have to tilt my phone at 48 degrees instead of 45.5 now.”