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Man postpones his phone purchase for the 30th time hoping for a better discount in next sale

26, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

As e-commerce companies festive sales came to a close on Sunday, so did the five-day period filled discount and multiple offers. The e-commerce market is growing at a rapid pace with people registering the sale dates in their calendars to avoid missing out on something lucrative. But for Harneet Ahuja, a 25 year old MBA student, sales have been a part and parcel of life as he failed to buy a phone for the 30th time.


Harneet is very calculative in his shopping endeavors and doesn’t like to leave a single penny on the table for the companies to make profit. Every time a sale is announced, he sits for days calculating the precise discount he will get o the mobile phone he intends to purchase. In fact he has bunked many classes in last one year to sit at home and doing his calculations. For people who think that the calculations have helped Harneet in buying the desired phone would be in for a shock to hear that he has still not bought the phone. The reason being the fear of losing out on a bigger discount at a later sale from the same or a different company. Now that number has reached 30. Yes, this Sunday, Harneet postponed his phone buying adventure for the 30th time.

Yesterday, the CEO of a renowned e-commerce company named freemazon personally sent a email to Harneet asking him how much discount he wants on a phone to take the decision of buying it. In fact the company has decided to give the phone for free to Harneet for his loyalty towards the e-commerce sector and continuosly surfing the websites for a better discounts and going through other products in the process.