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Man quits his new job on the first day as smoking zone was too far away from his seat

28, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Smokeshwar Singh, a habitual smoker, who joined IT giant TBM yesterday, quit his new job on the first day, as smoking zone in his office was too far away from his seat.

At the time of joining, Smokeshwar was completely unaware about the pathetic smoking facilities, which were not detailed out by the HR professionals during the joining process, in the office building.

For many, one of the most important things in life.

“I was literally shocked to see company’s apathy towards smokers. Dude, the smoking zone was 10 minute walk from my workstation, almost outside office building premises. I mean, do smokers really deserve such harsh treatment?” said an angry Smokeshwar, repenting that he should have discussed about smoking facilities in the office in HR round of his interview.

On being asked how he convinced himself to quit the job, as finding a new job was not easy, Smokeshwar replied, “Yes, I agree that finding a new job is not easy, but it is definitely easier than quitting smoking! How many people have you seen quitting smoking? Very few, but almost everyone switches job on a regular interval of 2 to 3 years.”

Justifying his decision further, Smokeshwar said that going out around 8 times during office hour was too tiring and it was certainly going to impact his performance on the job.

“I was feeling like those rural Rajasthani women who travel long distances carrying pot to fill water in them. Only difference was, I was going to fill my lungs,” Smokeshwar continued adding that during his second trip to the smoking zone located near office main gate, he smoked three cigarettes, back to back, just to avoid the need to smoke in the next couple of hours.

It wasn’t like Smokeshwar took this decision in a haste, he even tried bribing an office maintenance guy to arrange him a permanent smoking place inside the office.

“But unfortunately, unlike train TTs, this guy was honest,” rued Smokeshwar.

However, Smokeshwar rejects his colleague’s claim that he quit the job because of being afraid that he might actually quit smoking.

“Why would I do that? I seriously want to quit smoking,” he argued while making smoke rings.

Meanwhile, a worried HR department of the company has decided to start an auto-rickshaw service from the lift at the ground floor to the smoking zone.