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Man spends lot of data recharges for updating digital pay apps, left with no money to do actual transactions

21, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Digital payments have shown a huge jump after the demonetization move by the Modi government. All major forms of digital payments, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) along with mobile wallets and plastic cards have made transactions simpler. But with the growing number of digital pay applications, it is becoming a headache for the common man to decide which one to use. Recently a man who spent lot of internet data recharges to update every payment app ended up with no money left in his pocket to do actual transaction on any digital pay app.


Yes, we are talking about a middle class man named Jagdish Srivastava, who is a mid level employee at a retail company. Jagdish installed 13 applications for digital payments. He has been using them since last 3 months and is habituated of using the digital channel for most of his payments. But with so many applications and each one offering some offer or another, he has been continuously spending lots of internet data in keeping the apps updated and also installing new apps.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to Jagdish and he had this to say, “At first it was an easy process, but once i got addicted to digital payments, my life has become hell. For example, yesterday I had 200 Rs left in my PayTM wallet and had to order food. But as my internet package got expired, I had to spend those 200 Rs on recharging for the internet. In fact that’s what am doing since last 2 months. Because the digital pay apps need continuous upgradation and also I have developed this habit of installing any new payment application which comes in the market. Even a small offer like a 1 Re cashback, I get attracted to install the application. I appeal to the government to please regulate the number of applications allowed in the market.”

Like Jagdish, many would be facing the same problem, so it’s in best interest of everyone to use the apps as per the convenience and not to derive any incentives out of it.