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Man suffers heart attack on seeing hospital bill after master health check-up finds him completely healthy

06, Mar 2015 By RT

New Delhi. Mr. Arokia Raj, a man in mid forties visited one of the hospitals in the capital city, where the front-desk looks like and almost operates like a five star hotel reception.

After filling a rather long form, and already feeling very healthy having answered negatively against several known symptoms of common ailments, Mr.Arokia Raj cheerfully agreed for several tests.

Immediately after the tests, Mr.AR was taken into medical custody to get injected with two bottles of blood. Apparently, lot of much blood was taken for various medical tests.

Seconds before Mr AR crashed.
Seconds before Mr AR crashed.

The tests, Mr.AR later recalled, included an X-Ray, ECG, MRI scan and 57 other tests. Interestingly, the hospital had package deals just like the star hotels having package deals for stay, meals, swimming pool access and transportation.

Every test had a choice, more like airline tickets this time around, economy, first-class and business class. Economy class guests (soon to-be patients) had to wait in a long queue to give every test and after that, wait in a longer queue for the results. Economy class were attended to by slightly ill-looking staff to make the guests turn into patients, rather quickly.

First class and business class had access to a lounge with entertainment system, where a guest can choose and pick a movie to watch. Hospital, being business savvy, had a collection that could make Superman feel sick within 5 to 10 minutes of viewing the movie.

With test results declaring him to be in pink of health, Mr.AR felt very healthy like never before. However, when the bill arrived, he had the first heart attack and was immediately taken to ICU.

Mr.AR’s family managed to take him out of ICU after a couple of days and bundled him into an auto to take him home, extremely careful about not showing the hospital bill on ICU charges. When the auto reached home and when the driver nonchalantly asked for the auto-fare, Mr.AR had the second cardiac arrest and this time around, almost fatal.

When Faking News asked for a comment on the episode, Mr AR said, “True to my name, I was living like a king and very healthy. Now, I seriously contemplate changing my name as I feel very unhealthy and certainly not like a king anymore, what with the hospital charges and the auto fare taking away my life’s savings within a week’s time.”