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Man survives office meeting by doodling on his notepad the entire time

15, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

NOIDA: 33 yrs old Sandeep Singh successfully survived a 3 hrs meeting at work by doodling on his notepad the entire time. His notepad was full of weird shapes and words by the time the meeting got over but luckily for him, he emerged safe and sound from the meeting.

Ready for a meeting

Detailed meetings to discuss everything are a part of the work culture in every organisation and Sandeep’s office is no different. 90% of the people attending the meeting don’t have anything to say during the meeting and they use various tricks to pass time, Sandeep’s thing is doodling.

“Well it was a meeting to discuss our revenues and how we can maintain the growth, or maybe it was a meeting to discuss the new CRM we are going to use, I am not sure. Anyway, the thing is that I was not required to be there but my boss insisted that I attend. He says it is important that we do everything together as a team, it brings us together and makes us stronger apparently”, Sandeep said explaining the circumstances that led him to that meeting room.

“As I had no interest in the discussions that were taking place and since we weren’t allowed to use our phones during the meeting, I picked up a notepad and started drawing doodles. The more they spoke, more furiously I drew. To ensure they don’t get suspicious, I paused in between and ate some biscuits that were served there. I was about to run out of paper but just then, everyone stood up and started shaking hands of each other. It was a success”, Sandeep added.

When we asked Sandeep’s boss whether he noticed anything strange about Sandeep’s behavior in the meeting room, he said,”Oh yes. Sandeep was taking a lot of notes. He seemed really enthusiastic. Maybe I should send him to all our finance meetings from now on. They really bore me.”