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Man trying hard to remain in hospital for 48 hours to claim Mediclaim Policy

18, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After failing to spend considerable time in a hospital, a man employed in service sector was caught trying to dodge hospital authorities to claim his Mediclaim policy, which required him to remain admitted in hospital for a minimum of 48 hours.

Diwakar Shukla, who had gone to doctor for a minor fever, was shocked to see that the final bill of doctor and hospital came out to be Rs 4000 while he was leaving the premises. He was further shocked when doctor assured him that he would be alright and need not stay in hospital. He realized he had a mediclaim policy with the company he works for. But it required him to stay in the hospital for at least 48 hours.

The only thing that encourages people to fall ill.
The only thing that encourages people to fall ill.

He immediately rushed back to the doctor’s cabin and said he had some more problems that surfaced in the last 15 minutes.

“When he came in the morning, he was walking perfectly. But next time he limped, coughed, and even complained of chest pain,” hospital’s compounder told Faking News.

When doctor had a re-look and said there was nothing wrong with him, he feigned unconsciousness, but was caught when he sneakily opened his right eye to ogle at a nurse. The staff realized he was up to something and called the security guards.

However, Diwakar, on realizing that his antics were not working, ran away from the place and started playing hide and seek with staff.

“He thought he would be able to dodge and keep them at bay by this tactic for 48 hours,” his wife disclosed.

On being caught, he even tried to jump from 5th floor, but stopped as he was unsure if he can claim mediclaim after dying.

His office HR colleagues too confirmed how obsessed he was with claiming everything as a part of mediclaim.

As per the HR manager, to ensure his claim doesn’t get rejected due to policy norms of intimating the concerned authorities in advance, he would keep on claiming that he would visit a hospital within a couple of days, even when he was bitten by a mosquito.

“Last year he didn’t fell ill till December, so he deliberately fought with random strangers on streets, hoping to get beaten and injured and thereby admitted in hospital,” HR manager of his company recalled.

According to latest reports, Diwakar has finally been successful in his mission, as he has been admitted in the Psychiatric department of the hospital where he may have to stay for more than 2 days.