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Manager found putting less than 90% of his time in shooting mails, sacked

22, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A senior manager working in the sales division of a logistics and courier company was sacked today after he was found devoting less than 90% of his time in shooting mails to his team and superiors.

This gross violation of the universally acceptable behavior of a manager came to the light when he submitted his official laptop for servicing.

On going through the mails in it – an act sanctioned by one of the clauses in the employment contract – the systems guy found him writing only about 30-40 mails on a daily basis. He immediately brought it to the notice of the HR of the company.

A manager at work

Further to this, the history showed the manager logging onto Facebook and Twitter only 6-7 times a day as against a minimum of 25 times clearly stated in his KRA.

Upon further inspection, the HR department also found a staggering 88% of his entire team very happy with the way he was handling them. Following this, HR, in consultation with top management, decided to sack him.

“I was already suspicious about him when he did not give me a life on candy crush during office hours once,” said the HR head of the company for 5 years, “He would exceed his lunch hours and tea breaks by only 15 minutes and would be seldom seen wasting time. But I would turn a blind eye to his behavior as his honeymoon period was on.”

If the HR guys are to be believed, at the time of interview, the manager had projected himself as a very pompous, slothful, and insensitive kind of a guy, leading to his quick selection. But he changed colors too soon.

The company now rues not giving a suitable hike to the past manager, who would shoot mails at drop of a hat.

“He was a passionate mailer. He would even write mails on how he thinks the watchman of our office should go about his work and how he can improve his efficiency and productivity,” his boss told Faking News, admitting that letting him go was a grave mistake.

“At time we would be fooled into thinking that he was mute, because even for normal conversations like ‘Hi, How are you?…Chal lets go for lunch‘, he would shoot mails,” he went on to explain how his services, of rather the lack of it, were being missed.