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Manager gives 200 slides presentation explaining the importance of concise communication

21, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Gunasekaran K, working as Senior Project manager for a leading Indian IT company felt his team needs his guidance and training to keep their communication crisp and to the point.

After working for hours, he has compiled a two hundred pages PowerPoint presentation which highlights the importance of concise communication in today’s time. He is planning to conduct a full day work shop for his team on this topic soon.

“During my recent visits to different customer places, overall feedback I got about my team was quite positive, which was quite surprising for me. One of the common suggestion I got from customers is to educate my team to keep both their communications, verbal as well as email crisp, to the point all the time,” said Gunasekaran while speaking to us.

“Initially I thought about approaching our HR department to get some trainer from outside to cover this topic. Well, we all know how HR team works. As they were taking lot of time, I thought why not utilize my years of experience and do something for my team,” said Gunasekaran.

Gunasekaran added, “Getting material from internet is so easy, I kept on adding one and after another slide. Many real-life experiences which people have written about it internet, games etc I added so that training never becomes boring. My first draft became some four hundred pages. Felt, this would have been too much for the team, one week we would have to spend on this. This would have impacted customer deliveries. After heavy editing, I brought it down to solid two hundred pages. Training is on coming Friday, hope team likes it and at the end of it learn something.”

Most of the team members are already ready with what excuse they would use to skip office on training day. One of them said, “Last time I remember the training he gave us on time management. First of all, he started 2 hour late, the training which was supposed to be over by 3 PM, got over around mid-night. I just hope after the training, we are in a position to communicate on anything.”