Manager successfully fools team into bending over in the name of yoga

14, Jun 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Bengaluru: The manager at a leading analytics company in Bengaluru has successfully fooled his team into believing that bending over to the manager’s diktat is actually also a form of Yoga and extremely good for health.

Manager telling employee the importance of bending over in front of the boss

This stupendous achievement has become an inspiration to many managers who haven’t stopped receiving this news on forwarded emails. The manager, Gaurav Bhutani, is mulling on updating his LinkedIn profile with this achievement.

When asked what inspired such a radical and innovative idea, Gaurav said, “Well, I was just an ordinary manager struggling to convince my team to implement my harebrained ideas and I was getting strong resistance of late. Some of them even complained about me to the CEO during skip meetings.”

After a brief pause lost in thought, he continued, “While I was thinking about quitting my job and this profession altogether, I caught the news about central government’s yoga extravaganzas to promote yoga. That’s when I hit upon this idea. I have gotten mind blowing job offers and crazy deals for inspirational talks ever since. Phew! It’s been a crazy week.”

Speaking to Faking News, team member Divya, who’s a marketing analyst, said, “I was a fiercely independent and proud woman and always took a stand for what’s right and just, even if it meant going against Manager’s demands. But lately I have been putting on weight probably due to the stress at work and trying to do some yoga to get back in shape. That’s when manager convinced all of us during a team meeting that bending over is also a form of yoga. I haven’t stopped bending over to my manager ever since and I must confess I am feeling good. My manager always tells me now how I’m looking fitter than ever and even mentally I’m much more at peace as I just follow what my manager says and never oppose him.”

This has been a common theme in the team. All the team members have been feeling fitter and less stressed than ever before. “This seems to have done wonders to their work-life balance. We are mulling on making this a companywide practice,” said HR manager Shankar, who just beat his own record on candy crush.

Meanwhile, a petition requesting Modi government to honor Gaurav Bhutani on the International Yoga Day has got 3 lakh signatures so far from managers at all levels from many countries.