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Manmohan Singh turns to Google Maps to find directions for Indian economy

04, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Taking an “out of the box” approach to the problem of GDP growth rate dipping below 5%, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh today took out his Android phone and launched Google Maps to look for “directions”.

“Determined to make India an economic superpower, Prime Minister searched for ‘Economic Prosperity’ on Google Maps and then clicked ‘Directions’ to reach there,” a PMO source confirmed.

The exact location of “Economic Prosperity” couldn’t be known as the “Directions” never loaded on the Micromax mobile phone (the handset that was approved by the high command) of the Prime Minister.

Google Maps
Prime Minister’s earnest effort towards driving India into a better tomorrow

After two minutes of buffering, Google maps returned the message – Request timed out. The route is too long. Would you like to see a shorter route? – to which the Prime Minister immediately selected “Yes”.

There is no short cut to ‘Economic Prosperity’. Please try again.” was the result that left the Prime Minister frustrated.

“Good that Kapil Sibal is not the Prime Minister, else Google Maps would have been banned in the country for trolling the Prime Minister,” the PMO source claimed.

The source further revealed that Dr. Manmohan Singh didn’t give up and indeed tried again for directions for driving India towards economic prosperity.

The second time, for some unknown reasons, he changed the starting point from “My Location” to “10 Janpath”.

You have reached ‘Economic Prosperity’. No further directions needed.” is what Google Maps said, adding to the confusion of the Prime Minister.

It’s not yet known why Google Maps couldn’t help the Prime Minister get the directions to the destination earlier, if it was so near. Or whether the elusive destination was accessible only from a particular starting location, or whether some special privacy settings were applicable to the selected location.

“No need to read much into it. It only shows that there are no differences between the Prime Minister and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,” the PMO official told this Faking News reporter.

(headline inspired from this FN 2.0 report)