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Mark Zuckerberg to add Cricket websites to Free Basics to win popular support in India

09, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

San Jose: Despite being disappointed over TRAI’s decision putting an end to Free Basics in India, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that he isn’t ready to abandon his ambitious project.

Now meeting all the basic requirements of an Indian
Now meeting all the basic requirements of an Indian

“Free basics in India is dead for now but there is no reason why we can’t revive that”, Zuckerberg posted as his status on Facebook.

As per sources, Zuckerberg is now planning to provide all popular cricket related websites as well with his Free Basics program to win over the Indian public. “We all know the importance of cricket in India. To stay updated with the latest score is more important than staying updated with the developments in one’s own family. We thought we can use this passion for the game to our advantage and decided to win over the Indian public by using cricket”, a source close to Zuckerberg said.

“I think we focused too much on free part of Free Basics earlier but now we will focus more on the Basics part. Staying updated with the cricket scores is the basic necessity of Indians. We looked at the cricket related websites and zeroed in on the most popular ones. Once we win over popular support, we will ask the Government to relook at their policy as no politician can choose to ignore its voters in a democracy”, our source went on to explain.

This decision has created panic in the camp of Anti-FreeBasics activists who don’t know how to counter Cricket in India. “This is a low blow by Zuckerberg. Cricket is a religion in India and he has dragged this religion to Free Basics by including Cricket websites. He has lowered the discourse to the level of Indian politics by bringing a religion into the argument”, said a Net Neutrality activist Nishant Pahuja.

This is not the only step under consideration at Facebook to win popular support in India. “We are still contemplating the request by Engineering students to include PornHub in the Free Basics package”, revealed our source at Facebook.