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Maternity hospital renamed to 'child-factory dot com' to attract customers

16, Aug 2016 By RT

Mumbai: A ‘not so famous’ maternity hospital in Santacruz has recently changed its name to ‘’. After the name change, it is rumoured that the hospital is delivering more babies than all the other hospitals put together in the city.

Maternity ward
Business is booming at Child-Factory after the re-branding

“The name change is to go along with the modern trend of naming a business with the product name that is sold or serviced, followed by a fancy tag. As you know millennials don’t use any product or service that is not associated with a dot com and they are going to be our biggest customers in coming years, we had to do this re-branding “, declared the chief gynecologist of the factory.

“We took great inspiration from businesses like barbecue nation, coffee day, hair studio, dosa plaza and nail city. What really did us in were two unique names – kebab factory and We took best of both the worlds to say ‘’ to attract forward looking, no pun intended, customers to our maternity hospital. Factory has a touch from industrial era and .com is for the modern digital age. For a city like Mumbai, we could not think of any name other than child factory. The initial choice of ‘child cradles’ was laughed at and ‘just children’ was also rejected.”, the director of the hospital told Faking News.

“From day one after our name change, we started working 6 shifts and we had to install bunk beds in our labour rooms. We have government subsidies from the health ministry, industrial ministry and from the information technology ministry as well”, the director added.

When we asked the director whether they are facing any problem after the re-branding, he said,”The only problem now is all our staff have started a union and named that as ‘labour union’, purely pun intended, this is what happens the moment you start a factory in India, Unions.”