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MBA student feeling the pressure to have an opinion on new RBI Governor

22, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Ending months of speculation, the government on Saturday announced Urjit Patel as the governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Ever since his appointment, opinions have been pouring in from all and sundry regarding his suitability to hold the position. Reading all those opinions, a 1st year student of MBA, Jatin Gupta is also feeling the pressure to have an opinion on Urjit Patel.

Urjit Patel
Have you given your opinion on him yet?

Jatin started his MBA course this year and though he doesn’t know much about finance or economics yet, he feels that as an ideal MBA student, he must have an opinion on the RBI governor’s appointment. Everyone else in his college, including the canteen cook, has already given thumbs up or thumbs down to this news and Jatin is the last one left.

“Every time I enter the class, I feel the pressure of all these eyes on me, asking me what I think about this Patel. I know that as an MBA student, I should have an opinion but what if I don’t? I can’t even balance a grocery store’s balance sheet, who am I to comment on RBI governor’s credentials but then, 90% of my batch is like that and still they calmly praised or criticized him. I fear that I will become a social pariah if I don’t say something about this appointment within the next day or two”, Jatin said voicing his fears.

“I wish Shobha De had praised him like she praised the last governor. Then we would have forgotten about RBI governor and a Shobha mocking session would have started. I can really contribute a lot there and the pressure to have an opinion on Patel would have also disappeared, but my bad luck, Shobha is quieter after the Olympics tweet”, Jatin added.

As per Jatin’s family sources, his father has also become suspicious and hired a private detective to check whether his son is really doing MBA after he gave no opinion on Urjit Patel’s appointment.