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McDonald's remove clown character from outlets, footfalls drop by 95%

01, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Ronald McDonald, the renowned clown character used by McDonald’s chain of restaurant as their primary mascot was yesterday removed from all the outlets across India, causing huge outrage among people who go to restaurant only to click photos with him.

The management of India took this decision after it found visitors spending more time clicking selfies and creating scenes with the mascot than eating, which is why the restaurant was primarily opened for.

“We saw many people who otherwise eat Vada Paav outside, come and order a 25 rupees McAloo Tikki and spend hours clicking photos with the clown as if they have just purchased the outlet,” Manager of Linking Road outlet in Bandra disclosed the prime reasons behind the decision.

But the move it seems has totally backfired for now. It has left people from all walks of life agitated, with many deciding to boycott the restaurant from their list.

mc donald's india
A sample click with the clown.

If insiders are to be believed there has been a 95% drop in footfalls ever since the clown was taken off yesterday.

“I mean what is this!? I just spent a fortune buying a DSLR and was so excited to click pics with that statue and post them on Facebook, and next thing I know they have removed it!” said a man who was now seen inquiring KFC if they had a similar character outside their outlets.

However if management of McDonald’s is to be believed, the clown was beginning to show signs of exasperation already.

“We feared he might just come to life one of these days and beat the shit out of people who sit on his lap as if it was their father’s lap,” a senior employee of McDonald’s argued.

In between there were also reports from some outlets in Mumbai, that KRK had surreptitiously dressed up as the clown to be surrounded by young girls. So given KRK’s reputation, management wanted to avoid any untoward incident.

Meanwhile McDonald’s seem to have realized their mistake and is already on it its way to make amends.

Since the statues have already left shores of India, the management has now approached outgoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to replace them in some of the outlets. This was done after Mayawati refused to part with her statues.

“MMS can give any statue a run for his money with god gifted stoicism that he possesses,” Vice Chairman of McDonald’s India told Faking News, “Or we may even consider Ashutosh as he is the closest we have in India that resembles a clown who keeps his mouth open.”