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Men organize business meeting outside trial room while their wives try clothes

28, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Tired of waiting outside the trial rooms while their wives tried clothes inside, many men have started fixing business meetings with fellow married executives, Faking News has learnt.

“We give surprises to our wives by telling them – darling, let’s go out and buy some new clothes for you – while in reality it’s a business meeting for us,” revealed a 29-year-old marketing manager with a leading FMCG brand.

Clothes Showroom
The new business center

Such managers, who have earlier spent hours waiting while their wives tried to shortlist the final six pieces of garments out of which only one were to be finally bought, are now synchronizing their shopping schedule to make sure their respective wives go inside the trial rooms at the same time.

“We take small breaks from our meeting, lasting a few seconds, to nod or shake our heads when our wives come out to ask us if a particular piece of suit is looking good at them, and we resume our meeting when they go to try another dress,” the manager disclosed the modus operandi.

“No, it’s not necessary that we reject the first tried dress by our wives to prolong their trial session and thus our business meeting,” the manager claimed, “Even if we say the dress is looking good, they invariably try other dresses and compare all of them.”

Justifying this “cheating” in relationship, the managers say that they had no other option.

“Look, it’s not cheating at all,” protested a husband/manager, “In fact, if we have no business meeting, sometimes we end up checking out other women trying clothes. So we are essentially minimizing the risk of cheating!”

While wives refused to react over the development as they were very happy with their husbands, the Government of India has taken cognizance of the whole matter.

“These men may not be cheating their wives, but they are cheating the government,” a senior Income Tax officer claimed, “They are using these shopping centers as business centers and not paying any service tax!”