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Middle class promoted to “more middle” class rank in economic reshuffle

13, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The government announced a major economic reshuffle today after successfully executing a cabinet reshuffle yesterday. Chairman of the Planning Commission and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who retained his portfolio in the cabinet reshuffle earlier, revealed the new economic statuses and classes for the citizens of India.

This is the first time an economic reshuffle has been declared publicly though the rearrangement has been taking place for generations since India gained sovereignty and independence.

“The middle class is more middle class now,” Prime Minister informed the most important change in the reshuffle, though did not explain what “more middle” meant. However he did clarify that it was a “promotion” for the middle class.

“They had always wanted ‘more’ – I still remember the Pepsi ad when I was the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, and I knew that BJP and NDA were going to lose the next elections because they didn’t give them more and more,” Dr. Manmohan Singh claimed.

A still from the Bollywood movie 'Do Dooni Chaar'
A middle class family, apparently celebrating the change in their official status over the years.

“However during the UPA regime, they became more and more middle class, more middle than ever,” he added, “This is a promotion of course, just like Jairam Ramesh was promoted to a cabinet rank minister earlier.”

Prime Minister, a man of fewer words, refused to elaborate beyond this point but experts picked up from there.

“I guess middle class is more in the middle now because the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer; the middle point in the economic spectrum is more prominent than ever now, hence ‘more middle’ class,” an expert opined.

However others disagree, with a few claiming that the lower class had inched up thanks to Bhaarat Nirmaan initiatives like NREGA causing the middle class to become ‘more middle’ as nothing had changed for that group. While some believe that the middle class too had inched up as it could afford higher prices of LPG and Petrol, hence definitely ‘more middle’ than earlier.

“I don’t know what it means, but since it impacts the middle class, clearly it’s the most important fallout of the economic reshuffle,” editor-in-chief of a leading media house said, who attended the press conference where the economic reshuffle was announced leading to a change in the economic status of BPL families as well, however the news was considered relevant enough.

“This definitely is not the last reshuffle before the next elections,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh issued a final clarification before winding up the press conference.