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Missing the media spotlight on him in a few months, Vijay Mallya applies for rs.500 crores loan from SBI

19, Nov 2017 By RT

London. Missing the media spotlight on him in a few months, Vijay Mallya has applied for rs.500 crores loan from SBI, it is learnt by Faking News. In the past several months, Indians have been occupied with issues such as GST and Padmavati beheading or nose cutting, they forgot about him, Mr. Mallya reportedly felt bad about missing the spotlight, reliable sources from London revealed.

“There is of course some bit news about me that Diageo is suing me for $40 million. And that India is telling UK that I will be safe in Indian jails etc. But who really cares. Most of the people want to know if SBI will recover money from me or will award further loans to me. Do you know that I still receive a lot of calls from Indian banks with personal loan offers with EMI holidays. One of them even offered a loan with a Bahamas holiday. Finally, I have decided to apply for a rs. 500 crore loan with SBI” Dr. Mallya told Faking News international.

“We are looking at the loan proposal very seriously. We are evaluating the collateral and we are kicking ourselves in the back to keep up the deal from going to the other banks. Don’t mistake that to be kickbacks to us. It is just our work ethics. After awarding the rs.500 crores loan, we will quickly check if any outstanding balance from Dr. Mallya to us on any of his earlier loans, personal or not. Our recovery process will remain the same with standard operating procedures” a top SBI official told Faking News.

By the time this news went for publishing, it is learnt that SBI has already transferred the money to Dr. Mallya’s numbered account, with a 30 day open offer for a top-up loan, if he so desires. Also, the EMI holidays can be availed with an open window within 50 years during the loan tenure, it is learnt by Faking News.