MNC Employees spending 25% of their time in filling documents for reimbursements- Study

27, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A recent study conducted by a leading research firm has established that employees working in MNCs are now spending 25% of their working time in filling forms for reimbursements. The study released by Faltu research institute today has surprised the management at many MNCs.

Medical reimbursements
Reimbursements, giving purpose to employees to come to office

Employees have to file for reimbursements under several heads like medical, entertainment, conveyance, books, food, uniform etc. to receive the amount promised to them as part of their CTC and the study suggests that soon, it will become the primary activity of employees at work place. The actual work, for which people are hired, will be the secondary activity in office.

Speaking to Faking News about the findings, Faltu member Vella Lal said, “We conducted our research in 100 offices across India before coming up with this report. On an average, employees are now spending 1/4th of their time on filing for reimbursements and it is only going to increase in the coming years.”

“Many companies are considering removing the basic salary part altogether and only pay employees as per the reimbursement forms filled. Since employees have a lot of free time at work these days, companies are thinking about keeping them busy in these reimbursements. This is one work that nobody will miss and hence, everyone will stay busy during office hours”, Mr. Lal said.

When we asked Mr. Vella whether this is bringing down productivity as people are busy filing for reimbursements instead of actually working, he said, “Well its not like they were too busy earlier anyway. Look at the number of updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc during office hours. That gives a bad name to the companies; people think there is no work at these places. A politically incorrect social media update may attract negative publicity too. Now, employees are staying busy in office and everyone is happy.”

We contacted an employee of Mr. Vella’s company to check how much time they spend on filing reimbursements, he replied, “I am on the bench. I only come to office to file for reimbursements.”