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Mobile network that was able to link maximum Aaadhar to PAN on Jun 30th will be considered fastest: TRAI

02, Jul 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) decides to end the debate among all mobile operators which is the fastest network in India. It has said, whichever mobile network allowed maximum number of successful Aadhaar to PAN card link on Jun 30th will be announced as the fastest network in India.


“Looking at the challenges people faced on Jun 30th which was the last date to link Aadhaar to PAN, we felt this will be a good data to collect in ‘challenging’ environment when Government server was loaded the maximum”, said Mr. R.S. Sharma, TRAI chairman while speaking to us.

“We have started collecting data from Mobile operators in this regard. Within two weeks we should be able to end the debate, which is the fastest mobile network in India”, said Mr. Sharma.

When we asked will it end the animosity among mobile operators who tries every trick in the book to claim how they are best, Mr. Sharma said, “That will never happen. Like our news channels other than who has come on top never gives credit to TRP ratings, here also they will not care about TRAI data. However, we are taking it as a case study to find out who is the best”.

Mr. Sharma felt the amount of time, energy and money mobile operators spend to fight with each other, if they spend that to put a better network in place, it will do consumers a lot of good.

In the meantime, one mobile network which has claimed to be fastest where no human beings live to use mobile phone has accused TRAI of ‘bias’ towards certain operators. In its statement, which was released to press said, “If TRAI wanted to do this ‘surprise’ test they could have announced it in advance like Kejriwal announced in twitter in advance that he will do ‘surprise checks’ in hospitals. This means TRAI has colluded with some mobile network operator to make them topper”.