Modi to Trump: India has the resources to fight terrorism, need your help in stopping TikTok videos

10, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. During a phone call yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump struck a common note on terrorism, saying eliminating it is among the top-most priorities for the two nations. But Modi also asked for U.S help in a matter which is going out of control for India, yes, the TikTok videos.


PM Modi said “We talked about terrorism, extremism, and radicalization and agreed to cooperate on this. But I reminded Trump of a major issue faced by India back home and that is the rise of TikTok, the songs have brought down the levels of productivity in our nation and it will be tough for India to stop that alone, we need U.S support to deal with it”

Modi has assured that his government is trying hard to stop the release of new videos and requires digital help from the U.S government to stop the reach of those songs among the Indians. Trump, although not sure about ways to tackle TikTok videos, did assure PM Modi that if fought together, they can triumph.

Modi is sure that if MNCs offer more jobs to the youth then they will not get the time to make TikTok or musically videos. He has also urged the Indian IT sector to do more bulk recruiting to stop the rise of such videos.