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Mumbai Bar owners demand FDI in Dance Bar sector

17, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Minutes after Supreme Court lifted 8 year old ban on bar girls in dance bars, MBA (Mumbai Bar Association) has demanded that Dance Bars be brought under the purview of FDI.

Bar owners claim that the mere presence of local bar girls is not enough to bring in customers now. According to them, expectations of customers have increased manifold due to globalization.

Pole Dancer
If the government approves the demand, this would be a normal scene in Mumbai dance bars.

“That was 2005 and this is 2013. A lot of water has flown under the bridge. Back then, Savita Bhabhi or a Rakhi Sawant was enough to suffice customer needs, but now even Sunny Leone is looked down upon by them,” said KRK, a leading expert on the issue.

Bar owners further claim that this move stands to benefit not only them but also state tourism as people would now no longer need to travel all the way to Thailand or Las Vegas to relax.

“They can do same sitting right here in Mumbai. Many clubs based out of Thailand and USA are also looking for opportunities outside their countries to expand since business in these countries have been hit by recession. They are more than willing to come to India and share their expertise,” Ganpat Rao, a bar owner claimed.

Even jobless IPL cheerleaders have expressed relief and happiness over this proposal and can now hope to entertain Indian public round the year through their moves. Cricketers like Shri Santh, who like relaxing with cheerleaders in a hotel room after a hard day’s play, have also welcomed the move.

Clearly, local bar girls are feeling insecure as they stand a huge risk of losing their jobs given the obsession of Indian men with fair skin. To woo this votebank, political parties, especially MNS and Shiv Sena, are planning to come all out in support of them and oppose outsiders in dance bars.

“We are trying to convince RR Patil,” an NCP leader told Faking News.