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Mumbai builders offering spouses who can help a person afford EMIs for new houses

09, Oct 2014 By amuratech

Mumbai. With the prices of properties in Mumbai reaching sky-high limits, it has become impossible to buy a home with a single person income. Luckily, real estate developers have started offers to help clients find a spouse so that, together, they can afford the EMI required to buy the home.

Some developers have ingenuously built a marriage portal for all communities, where they also discount match-making fees (dakshina) and a cash discount of 10% is given to the couple as a wedding gift.

In some cases, the dahej will be used for the down payment. If you are aged between 21 to 30 and still single, you qualify to apply on this portal. You will get a call from the developer for verification and then the thorough match-making process starts.

Stag entry is allowed, but almost unaffordable for many.

First, they will ask you what type of home you prefer, then they will ask you about your job location and will try to find properties at a convenient distance for you. If they don’t have properties near your job location, the process ends here.

If they have homes to sell in the vicinity of your office, they will find a person of the opposite sex with the same location requirements who has an income that will suffice the EMI need.

When contacted, a marketing manager at a leading real estate company in Mumbai said that they had received a fantastic response for their new campaign. Almost 70% flats are already sold through this scheme.

“People are really happy as they have found a good spouse and a good house as well,” he exclaimed, “It’s even better than the Flipkart Big Billion Day offer! And it never gets sold out.”

“However, those who have already found their life partner should get a cash discount,” says Rohit Malhotra, who has recently booked a flat in Pune.

On the other hand, Rajeev Ahluwalia, who is still searching for a flat (and also the right life partner) has already canceled 3 flat deals because he couldn’t find the right life partner.

Another developer has gone a step further and started subvention schemes for their child-focused homes in Mumbai. The child-focused homes, of course, are of no use unless they have children. He said that the couple needed to pay 20% of the amount at the time of booking. The next 40% should be paid after the birth of the first baby & the remaining 40% only after the second baby’s birth. In case this does not happen within 4 years, they will have to vacate the flat.

Some marketers are extremely convinced about this new scheme and want to promote it exclusively on Snapdeal or Flipkart, because they think that half of their customers’ time during office hours is spent doing comparative shopping on these sites. Thus, it gives a brand a better platform to reach its target audience.

Some of them have created exclusive offers for Snapdeal customers, guaranteeing a successful marriage or a replacement option for the spouse as well as the property.

P.S : Marriages and property deals are subject to market risks. Please read scheme related documents carefully.

* Inspired by real life incidents. Credits: Vinayak Katkar and Vaidehi Mirashi