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Mumbai man charging rent from the ghost living in his flat

05, May 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. In what could be called a bizarre side-effect of soaring real estate prices in Mumbai, Dhanpat Agrawal, a city based management executive is charging rent from a ghost living in his flat.

Bhootiya Gupta, the unfortunate ghost, earlier used to live in a deserted fort outside Mumbai. Bored of monotonous life of the fort, he decided to move to the city and took shelter in Dhanpat’s flat.

“It’s 5th of May, where is last month’s rent?”

“I thought, I would get away with it. But to my surprise, Dhanpat shamelessly asked me to share flat’s rent if I wanted to live there. Who the hell behaves so rudely with a ghost?” wondered Bhootiya recalling his first meeting with Dhanpat.

Feeling insulted, Bhootiya initially refused to accept Dhanpat’s offer claiming that it was the fundamental right of a ghost to live somewhere without paying a rent.

“Not only he refused to acknowledge this right, Dhanpat told me that if I continued to live in his house without paying rent, he would stop getting afraid of me!” Bhootiya disclosed the mental torture he had to go through.

Stumped by Dhanpat’s resistance, Bhootiya started looking for a new house, where he was offered similar deals by Mumbai residents. Finally, unable to find a rent-free space, he settled down in Dhanpat’s house after a formal agreement to pay half of the rent.

To many, it may look like a case of human atrocity on the innocent ghost community who are habituated of living in houses without paying a penny, but Dhanpat doesn’t think so.

“Man, it’s too expensive to get a flat in Mumbai. I can’t share it just for free with anyone!” said Dhanpat while talking to Faking News. Dhanpat is also planning to recover half of the brokerage amount from Bhootiya.

Sociologists and thinkers feel that such a business based friendship between a human and a ghost could harm the social fabric and the idea of India.

However, as per Dhanpat, he shares a normal human-ghost relationship with Bhootiya. “I remain afraid of him and scream out of fear every single time I see him, which makes him very happy. It’s perfectly balanced and all is well here!” Dhanpat claimed.

Meanwhile, on suggestion of a friend, Dhanpat is planning to start a brokerage firm which will help ghosts to find suitable flats in Mumbai.

“As ghosts require almost zero physical space to live, I think many families would be ready to share their flat with them. Besides helping people earn few extra bucks to cope with high rentals, it will also make their life a bit more adventurous,” explained Dhanpat.