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Mysterious ads on Kyazoonga site selling Sachin's 200th test ticket in black

11, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. Report is coming in that some mysterious ads selling Sachin’s final test tickets in black were spotted on, the website tasked with selling 5000 tickets for Tendulkar’s 200th match.

Snapshot of the ad
Snapshot of one of the ads.

Although website crashed soon after booking started, but in window of those few minutes, those lucky and rare ones who were on site said that they saw ads flashing messages like “500 ka 5000 mein“, “1000 ka 10000 mein“, similar to the way black tickets are sold outside movie theaters.

Reportedly a couple of these ads were taking users to eBay, where tickets are up for online auction. Some ads were linking to other third party websites where users were being asked for contact details.

“There were very few tickets available for general public, and I was happy to see those ads promising ‘thousands of tickets’ – I think it was only because people started clicking on those ads that the website crashed,” a Sachin fan who tried to book tickets for the Wankhede test match told Faking News.

Responding to a query, Kyazoonga has rejected displaying such ads on their website.

“We have been asked to sell tickets in legal way only. No idea who is the illegal sales partner,” a Kyazoonga official claimed, “They must have been Google ads, and we have complained to Google about this.”

Advertising experts believe that this could be handiwork of hackers and scammers trying to fleece people by promising tickets to Sachin’s last test.

“We have alerted the AdSense team and are analyzing data to find the parties who have bought keywords around Sachin’s last match,” a Google India official said.

“Chances of visibility of these ads on other popular sites using AdSense is also possible,” the official added, “Except on sites like Faking News, where promise of tickets to Sachin’s last test might appear as hoax.”

Meanwhile latest reports say that a baba in Varanasi is promising special bhabhut that can secure tickets to Sachin’s last test match. The baba has already gained thousands of followers.