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Narayan Murthy says unlike US, our techies do not have garages to start something new, which has curtailed our innovation

20, Jul 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: After Narayan Murthy spoke about lack of life changing innovations in India for last 60 years, he has highlighted another key point on why Indian techies could not make it big. He gave examples about technology giants like Apple, Google, Disney, Amazon, and HP who have started from garages. “For our talented techies where are garages, forget about spacious ones to start something new in Bangalore,” he questioned.

Garage startup
Start from a garage and make it big.

Faking News spoke to Indian techies to know if it is indeed the lack of proper garages in a city like Bangalore that has curtailed their creativity. We met an Infosys employee Ajit Tiewala when he was waiting to cross the traffic signal at Silk board junction.

Ajit told us, “There are multiple challenges we face. See I am stuck at this signal for last one hour. Probably in 60’s, the period Murthy Sir is referring to as India’s golden generation in innovation, I might have done two rounds of entire city in this one hour. They had so much time. Nobody cares about people like us. First you need to wear a tie to look like a professional, work from office for 9.5 hours in addition to working from road for 4.5 hours and then you need to respond to your girlfriend’s messages on WhatsApp. So much to do on a given day, where is the time for creative thinking?”

Ajit added, “I stay in a PG where I sleep on top of a bunk bed which is like sleeping on upper berth in Indian trains. I agree with Murthy Sir, real estate cost is so high here. Vacant sites where cows will not come for grazing, owners put them also on rent for astronomical amount. But I feel the real reason is the mindset. I have many ideas and when I talk to my superiors about them at office, they discourage me and even laugh at me. They tell me unless you have a brain like Salman with which he makes intelligent movie choices or backing like Gajendra Chauhan is getting from Government, do not venture in to something new.”

Ajit concluded by saying, “Now that Murthy Sir has spoken about lack of proper innovation, I have written to him again with my idea. I am confident this time he will back my idea without asking me whether I follow six sigma process, global delivery model or how much value I will create for the shareholders. In case he is not OK with my idea, I just hope as per his words he would give his garage on rent for nominal cost. I know unlike many in Bangalore, he has a spacious garage.”

When Faking News asked about Ajit’s backup plan in case Murthy Sir rejects the proposal. He said, “Some of my friends have told me to contact someone like Mr. Ratan Tata who is not speaking so much, but doing something to encourage entrepreneurship in his own way.”