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Nasscom predicts appraisal season to hit IT sector soon after seeing HR team working from offices, but warns this will be hike deficit year

20, Mar 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: In its recent press release Nasscom has predicted appraisal season to hit IT industry soon. More than the season when it is going to start, what the length & breadth of the IT industry looking for is whether it will be a surplus or deficient year in terms of salary hike.

Appraisal season to hit IT workers soon
Appraisal season to hit IT workers soon

Nasscom prediction shows it will be another salary hike deficit year like past so many years with a common reason called “on account of global recession”.

Terribly disappointed IT sector just hopes this prediction turns out to be wrong like so many of our meteorological department predictions.

Chief statistician of Nasscom Mr. Narayan Nilekeni told us the method they use to predict the start of the appraisal season.

He said, “We send our team from time to time to IT offices to know how they are doing, how overall industry is doing so that we can represent the industry better. One of the key factor we look at is presence of HR team members inside offices. Apart from being present, they would be working from their desk during this period, talking to different managers, employees and telling them to fill out some forms”

Giving more insights about the way prediction is done, Mr. Nilekeni said, “Another interesting factor which my team has observed, during March to May, HR team would look tense. This is something we can understand as the employee and manager literally fight it out sometimes after dropping their boxing gloves, sometimes hitting each other below the belt, it’s not a pleasant scenario to be a middle man out there to calm down both and say ‘all is well’. Think from a HR person’s perspective who would have spent just twenty percent time inside office, rest of the time in nearby coffee shops, why they will not get stressed out handling these unpleasant situations.”

“HR team is also aware of its limitations. They cannot take sides. Like Manmohan Singh they would keep quiet and watch the slugfest but cannot do anything as per Madam, oops sorry higher management’s order. This would be another tough year for them to manage as the tempers will run high considering this is a salary hike deficit year. But remember this is just a quarter of hard work, if they can pass through this phase unscathed, rest nine months they can happily sit at café coffee day and giggle about the latest design of Zara,” said Mr. Nilekeni.