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Nationwide outrage as online retailers start wrapping items in un-poppable bubble wraps

03, Feb 2015 By sagarlad

Pune. Nowadays consumer courts are being flooded with treason complaints from online buyers that they are being cheated by well know online retailers by providing shipment in un-poppable bubble wraps, as earlier they (sellers) used to provide poppable bubble wraps.

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National timepass

“This is disgusting,” Sudeshna Bhadra an e-shop holistic girl said, “I used to buy online so that I can get poppable wraps for my younger brother. The sparkle that I see in his eyes (when bubble pops) is more worthy than any discount they offer to me. I never buy because there are discounts, but only to make him happy. He gets more joyful when he sees new parcel arriving (though the item in it is intended for me), I am going to miss his smile.”

Prashant Pawar consumer right activist from Jalgoan said, “This is cheating; customer should get what they deserve. This is clear case of forgery. We have started campaign against this. We will fight against them (online retailers). As of now, we have started Facebook page called BringBackPoppableBubble, also people can add hash tag #BringBackPoppableBubble on their consumer review form of the product they purchased and didn’t got poppable bubble wrap with it to register their anger.”

Biresh Ranjan, on bench IT (QA) engineer in reputed firm said, “What we will do now? The only time killer facility of ours will not be provided any more. We used to spend hours to find single un-popped bubble in that almost-remain-nothing sheet and pop it with herculean click. I am definitely going to miss it. That’s why I like foreign companies although they cost high at least they provide what I want.”

On the other side, the consumer relationship manager of well-known online retailer flipperkart.com gave statement on promise of anonymity, “We flipperkart.com saw tremendous tend against our rival amazing.com as they stopped providing poppable bubble wraps & started wrapping parcels in non-poppable bubble wraps. We took that advantage and launched BigBubbleDay where customers get their items double bubble wrapped and guess what, we raised the bar. It was big hit,” he said victoriously, “Now we will try to make profit out of it i.e. we will cost extra Rs 30 to provide poppable bubble wrap (same as gift wrap) and for premium customers we will provide it for free.”