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New airline promotes 'No gap between the seat' design

05, Feb 2015 By ashegrins

Mumbai. In the wake of the recent technology-enabled public humiliation of a businessman by a girl who was molested by him,  AirCosia the latest low-cost airline to enter India has made an announcement that all its flights would have seats that are designed such that a passenger sitting at the back cannot insert his fingers through them.

Molester disappointed after hearing the changes incorporated by airlines.
Molester disappointed after hearing the changes incorporated by airlines.

The spokeswoman for the airline, Ms. Sushma Singh said, “We live in a country where men will get all the support for “mistakes” they commit. Hence it is our duty to take the extra step to ensure women are not molested on our airlines. Though this move may  discourage many men from flying with us, we are determined to make our airline a women-friendly one.”

Taking cue from this announcement, many bus operators in the country are also considering a change as they are aware of this problem for ages. Jatin Pandit, chairman of  “JPN Travels” said, “We saw this coming. It won’t be long before women travelling on our buses start wielding their mobile cameras. We plan to approach this problem differently by assigning seats such that every seat behind a woman is also strictly reserved for women.”

Saudi Arabia meanwhile has a radical approach to solve this issue (non-existent though there). Every seat’s backrest will be equipped with a sensor which on detecting any fingers  underneath will unleash a chopper to slice them off. Large sections of the Indian population too have been clamoring for such treatment to the offenders. Mulayam Singh Yadav on the other extreme has decided to change his campaign slogan from “Boys will be boys” to “Old men will be old men”.

Rahul Gandhi was rumored to have said at a campaign rally, “Saw what that girl did? I empowered her!”