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New club offers paid passive smoking to those who can't afford buying cigarettes

10, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. To bring down the impact of steep rise in cigarette prices, an NGO has opened a smoking club to fulfill the need of poor people, where rich guys will smoke and poor ones will be allowed to indulge in passive smoking by paying a modest fee of 1 rupee per 10 minutes.

The club has been named Smokalaya, and has capacity to admit 200 people per smoking session.

passive smoking
Recycling waste product.

“This will help the rich feel rich, and the poor will be able to enjoy smoking at an affordable rate. This will also help in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, and bring harmony in the society,” Smokalaya founder Naresh Agrawal explained the vision and mission of the club.

Naresh revealed that the idea to create something like this clicked in his mind when he realized that huge amounts of tobacco smoke was being wasted by active smokers.

“I thought, why not give it to the needy people who can’t afford cigarettes, especially after today’s price rise,” Naresh told Faking News, “That is when the idea of ‘paid passive smoking’ came to my mind.”

At Smokalaya, every passive smoker will be provided a cigarette bud, which they could hold in their hand to get a “real feel” of smoking. They will be expected to suck in the smoke through the bud and enjoy smoking without having to buy costly cigarettes.

“We will have wide variety of active smokers as primary members of the club, who smoke from cheap desi cigarettes to highly expensive imported cigarettes. Passive smokers can chose their partners. Based on class of the active smoker, we will charge passive smokers, and share the profit with active smokers,” Naresh explained the working of the club.

“Active smokers can also choose not to charge their partners; this will be recognized as charity and we are in talks with the government to allow tax exemptions for this charitable work to such members of Smokalaya,” he claimed.

Sources tell Faking News that the government has welcomed the move. Although they remained non-committal on providing tax concessions for charity as claimed above, they have confirmed that they plan to bring the club activities under Service Tax net.