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New “fairness” cream offers instant sunburn to feel like those white guys in sun

04, Jan 2011 By Simon

New Delhi. Tourists in Goa can now dispense with the sunblock and lightening lotion in their quest to stay fair. FrazzleDazzle Skin Care has launched “Euroglow”, an “instant sunburn” cream in Goa last month, and it has been a big seller amongst the Indian tourists.

A tube of Euroglow costs 750 rupees and recreates the effects of sunburn on darker, less-burnable Indian skin. The product is 50% bleach, 45% hydrochloric acid and 5% tulsi extract, which means it has the endorsement of the All-India Ayurvedic Association.

The domestic market for skin lightening creams, which revolves around the desire of Indians to get a skin like those of Europeans, is worth crores. While not exactly a “fairness” cream, Euroglow too aims at making brown Indians feel like white Europeans.

The exposed skin of Europeans gets a different color, which unfortunately doesn’t normally happen to the Indians

“Our new product does away with the skin tone lightening products,” says FrazzleDazzle CEO, Harish Kapoor, “darker skinned individuals can never look as fair as a Swede in a snow storm, but now they can achieve the same deep red color as a Swede left in the sun too long by applying one of our high burn factor products.”

Euroglow comes in several strengths: from 1, “slightly pink”, to 10, “burnt to a crisp” as being marketed as the “the full lobster”.

“I noticed the Europeans were going red on the beach, but I wasn’t,” said Priyanka Shah, 23, “but 15 minutes after applying the ‘Instant Sunburn’, my skin was as red raw and painful as theirs.”

Ms. Shah explained that she had many conversations about sunburn and how painful it was with many passing Europeans. Thanks to the product she was able to come across as a genuine fair-skinned sufferer. Although, she later admitted that many perplexed Indians asked if she had an allergy, allergic reaction or just had really bad acne.

Euroglow has sold especially well in chilly and cloudy Delhi.

“I’m getting so many jealous looks,” said Sameer Hassan, a 21-year old student, “people think I’m burnt because I’m so fair and presume I’ve been to Goa for two weeks, although I tell people it was the Maldives, when really I had gone to Patna for my great aunt’s funeral.”

Faking News asked a passing European about what she thought of “Euroglow”.

“I can’t understand why people would actually want sunburn. It makes your skin fall off,” said Emma Green, “I was just off to the pharmacy to look for some fake tan; it’s so hard to find one over here.”