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New online portal by Rail ministry announced for booking train tracks for protests

30, May 2015 By Sarcosaurus

New Delhi. With train tracks becoming the new battleground for various political and social organizations and groups, it has been found that more and more people are found on the tracks rather than travelling by them.

In response to this development, the Railway Ministry has decided to lease train tracks to various NGO’s and political organizations in order to provide a platform to raise their grievances and generating awareness about their plight by stopping passengers travelling in these trains.

When contacted, a railway official who did not wish to be named, responded by saying that with the railways suffering a severe cash crunch, with a poor operating ratio of 93.5% in the current fiscal year, this represents the last golden opportunity for the Indian Railways officials to generate a little bit of cash for themselves before the Indian railways go bankrupt.

Huge prospects for the new portal.
Huge prospects for the new portal.

In the new scheme there will also be also provision for premium track booking, keeping in mind the interests of various 5 star activists who have sprouted in the current government’s tenure. Economists, irrespective of political orientation too have lauded the move.

It has found support amongst various cyber café and net operators also, as they hope that with the contract for designing the web portal being awarded to the same company, the average booking time on this portal is expected to be as long or even longer than the IRCTC portal raising their consumer base and widening their bottom lines.

However, not all are happy regarding this move of the ministry, Shivam Latesh, a regular train track jumper said that with train tracks being contracted out, he will have to resort out to coming on time to ensure that he does not miss his train. He along with other track jumpers, in order to protest against this gross injustice being meted out to them, are themselves planning to highlight their plight by the medium of road blockades.

According to sources, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is already looking at the implementation of this program with great interest, with senior babus in the ministry being instructed to prepare a model that can be quickly implemented in the road sector also.