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Soda manufacturer advertises for new Soda brand on TV, viewers ask for new brand of whiskey at bars the same night

13, May 2017 By RT

Bangalore. A new Soda manufacturer advertised for his product on TV, widely covering several channels like newspapers and magazines. Viewers of the advertisement asked for the new brand of whiskey at bars the same night, it was reported to Faking News.

“We have launched this new brand of soda. Though our primary market being bars and restaurants, we did not expect our advertisement to take an undesired side effect. We carefully avoided the words like ‘spirit’ and ‘large’ in our Ad. Yet, the viewers go to the bars and tell our brand name and ask for Whisky and not soda. Please see our tagline: ‘Do Well! We are the right mix!‘ Where does it suggest it is liquor. Mix, mix it’s a mix. That’s all,” the marketing and sales manager of the soda company sounded irritated while speaking  to Faking News.

“The government is to be blamed for this. Also, the liquor manufacturers are to be blamed. Whenever there is a soda advertisement in TV, people automatically know it is the liquor that they are advertising, with the same name. ‘Make it large!’ and ‘no.1 spirit’ are the kind of taglines they use and our people are trained to buy the alcohol brand as the same brand name of soda. Now, that is spoiling the business of pure soda manufacturers like us,” he further added.

“I saw this new Ad for soda and immediately knew it is a new brand of whisky. Like all the other sodas, there was no price details in the Ad. Just when I was about to taste this new liquor, the bartender tells me it is only soda and he just received full stock. That completely spoiled my drinking night. What kind of an idiot will issue an Ad for soda and actually try to sell soda,” a regular to the local bar told Faking news.

Seeing the feedback, the soda manufacturer immediately launched 12 year old whisky, in the new brand name, it was later learnt by Faking news.