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A new startup venture to help smokers to cut down cost by encouraging cigarette pooling

26, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: After carpooling, bike pooling and tiffin pooling at office canteens, there comes a new pooling called cigarette pooling which will drastically cut down on your cigarette expense and might allow you to live little longer.

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The startup SCBL (Sharing Cigarette for Better Life) is targeting the IT engineers and engineering graduates. While speaking to us, Mr. Anuj Puri, the founder of SCBL said, “The recent report of Nasscom disturbed me. The report says looking at the projected salary hike and the rate at which cigarette cost is going up, many techies will migrate towards beedi by 2020”.

“Being an engineering student and then a techie when started my career, I wanted to do something for my community. Did a little survey to find cigarette consumption especially for these two categories. For many students, the monthly cigarette cost is more than what they pay as mess fees. IT companies which delivers maximum projects through nigh outs, the chai-sutta vendor outside office and the nearby hospitals have seen huge jump in their net income”, said Mr. Puri.

Mr. Puri shared details how his startup works. He said, “Just click on our app, we will direct you to nearby authorized sellers. On the cigarettes sold by our authorized sellers we have marked up to what level consumer 1 should smoke, then consumer 2 and consumer 3. The base of the cigarette has few wrapper layers. As soon as consumer 1 is over, one wrapper will come out. So, no one will feel bad while sharing the cigarette”.

On our question from where they will get their revenue, Mr. Puri said, “Our Cigarettes are little costlier than normal ones, but our consumers will save at least 40 percent every day. As we are helping towards less carbon emission, we have asked for tax relief under ‘Go-Green’ option”.

IT companies are feeling the pinch after SCBL has come in. “Earlier our engineers were going out on an average for 10 times, now they are going out for thirty times which has impacted our productivity”.